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Player Resources

Vampire House Rules: House Rules for Vampire.

Approved Bloodlines: Adapted Bloodlines ready for use.

Approved Books: Books in use.

Approved Merits: Merits allowed.

Blood Sorcery: Rules and Rituals for Blood Sorcery.

Approved Devotions: Devotions in use.

Custom Content: Custom Content.

The All-Night Society

Vampires in Reno: Overview of Reno's All-Night Society.

The Elysium: Where it's at and what the rules are.

Domain: Who controls what and where it is.

The Court: The local Damned and how things go.

Local Coteries: A listing of Local Coteries.

The Clans


The Covenants



Non-Player Characters

Current Events

xxxxxThere are many things going on in the Court of Reno at the moment. The major current event is the Strix. There seems to be an influx of the dreaded things and the Prince is calling for them to be destroyed on site. Given they like drawing the Kindred out into more public areas, this is a growing problem with the Masquerade. So the local Praxis is being cautioned to be discreet in their endeavors. The other big news is that Prince Blackwood is calling for new Primogen for his Primogen Council, the Elders are getting tired and new blood is needed for decisions to be made on behalf of the Covenants of Reno. Only time will tell how well any of this goes.

Character Creation

xxxxxVampire Character Creation is outlined in Blood and Smoke. Please check the Character Creation page if any additional information is needed. Here are a few things to take note of. NOTE: The Incentives can't get you above the CG Restrictions!

CharGen House Rules:
xxxxx• Vampires and Ghouls begin play with 10 Merit dots.

xxxxx• All characters get 35 XPs to spend at CharGen (earning 5 more by writting up a background as detailed below).

xxxxx• Coterie of 3 or more PCs: +1 Status (Praxis)

CG Restrictions:

xxxxx• Age above 1,000.

xxxxx• Hollow Kindred

xxxxx• Praxis Status above 2

xxxxx• Covenant Status above 3

xxxxx• Mystery Cult Initiation above 2
Additional Info:

xxxxx• Kindred Status is bought normally. No free points are given aside from incentives above.

xxxxx• Be sure to look at the Clans pages to see what Bloodlines are allowed!

xxxxx• You may or may not Activate your Bloodline at CharGen. This determines your in-Clan Disciplines.

Finishing Touches

A few things to make sure you should add to your application job or have +notes for:

Background Questions (worth 5 XPs!)

xxxxx• Who is your sire and how did you meet them? (even if the PC does not know the truth)

xxxxx• What was your Embrace like?

xxxxx• Have you ever killed anyone or committed Diablerie?

xxxxx• Why did you join your current Covenant, if you belong to one?

xxxxx All vampires begin with one Touchstone and may have more if they've bought dots of the Touchstone Merit. Write briefly about each of them in your +notes.

xxxxx Chose one Long Term Aspiration and two Short Term ones. Keep in mind that Long Term might mean something different for a vampire than it does to a mortal.
xxxxx Please don't forget sending your Aspirations through the +help asp system!