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Storytellers Listing

• Interested in being a storyteller and running plots for people? Introduce yourself here!

Common Availability:
Types of Plots:

• For example, you would make the following post:

Name: Steve the Storyteller
Common Availability: Most any evenings except Wednesday.
Types of Plots: Werewolf - Hunts, Touchstone interactions, Totem interactions, Miscellaneous. Hunter - Hunters be huntin'!

Name: Ogopogo, Long-necked Lake Menance and Dedicated Storyteller.
Common Availability: Nights PST, from 9pm - ?, all day and night Mondays and Tuesday. Plots by appointment. Just mail or send in a +request to Attn: Ogopogo
Types of Plots: All types. All Spheres. You name it, I make it happen for you. That's my job, and I love it!

Name: Kurt
Common Availability: Tends to be earlier in the day. @Mail to discuss.
Types of Plots: Mostly Werewolf-hunts but willing to do many Werewolf or Mortal/Mortal+ things.

Plot Requests

• Need something run for your character or, ST depending, group? This is a good place to post your request, and get the ball rolling!

General Request:
Common Availability:
Interested STs:

• For example, you would make the following post:

Name: Aria
General Request: Swordfighting Demon Samurai Cyborgs
Common Availability: Monday/Thursday/Friday evenings CST.
Interested STs: This stays blank until someone claims interest!