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IC Date Log Summary
2017-04-24 Joining the Dragons Artus becomes one of the Dragons
2017-04-23 Talk At Pyramid Lake Artus and Kepi have a heart to heart.
2017-04-23 April Court Vampire Court of the month of April has some unexpected twists.
2017-04-23 The Locundulum Part 3: The Finale Dark Wings find and destroy the Locundulum.
2017-04-21 Back In Town Kepi returns to Reno but she's been gone so long no one knows her. With her 'companion' in tow, they meet Artus for the first time.
2017-04-21 Zane Learns to Respect Spirits Zane saw spirits as a means to an end. Hank showed him otherwise.
2017-04-20 Meanwhile Murder The Finale of Kurt's "Rescue"
2017-04-20 The Art of Binding Guinevere's Totem teaches her Shadowbind through the Horse, Eun-song.
2017-04-20 What Lies Beneath A group of brave souls investigate the rumors of "sewer alligators" underneath Reno.
2017-04-20 Inside Mother's House Samuel and Ephraim go inside to meet with Mother.
2017-04-20 O Brother Where Art Thou? The pack, Samuel, and Ephraim search for the missing Kurt.
2017-04-20 The True Is Out Elizabeth and Kyle find out what each other really are.
2017-04-18 Quality Time With Mother Mother picks up Kurt for a little quality time.
2017-04-18 Elizabeth vs The Tree Zane trains Elizabeth in combat!
2017-04-18 The Siblings Join Dark Wings Kurt invites Waverly and Rowdy to formally join the Dark Wings Pack.
2017-04-17 Cave Rock Locus Part 1 Forgotten alks with Zane about unlocking a specific locus, then proceed to unlock it!
2017-04-16 A SpirITCHual Encounter Some rash decisions are made.
2017-04-15 Persephone's Backlash - Finale A group of brave souls return one last time to Mountain View Cemetery, in hopes of ending the zombie threat.
2017-04-15 Rush Hour Traffic problems reveal a meddling ensih.
2017-04-14 Where's Two Scars? Not the Walker you are looking for.
2017-04-14 How to Beat Rage 2 The trap is set and the group attempt to catch an ensih of Anger.
2017-04-13 HANK LEARNS RAGE! Hank and Brant beat up emotional parasites!
2017-04-13 How to Beat Rage 1 The Dark Wings hatch a plan
2017-04-12 Mother Teaches a Lesson Kurt and Cade set off to hunt those distant howls after the In and Out Burger attack.
2017-04-11 Warehouse Return The Uratha return to the warehouse from the Dont open the Trapdoor event. Four Azlu greet them.
2017-04-10 Least Dangerous Game A faction of the Herd attacks the Apex pack
2017-04-10 Look What The Cat Dragged In King presents himself to his Prince and Clanmate to gain welcome in Reno.
2017-04-10 The End of the Lakeridge Guardians Zane dismantles the Lakeridge Guardians.
2017-04-09 The Locundulum Part 2 The Dark Wings infiltrated Dr. Proctor's apartment and discovered a strange device.
2017-04-08 The Grey Crone A summons, an exchange, an Oath to Hunt.
2017-04-08 The Lord of Storms Rumour says that climbing the shadow of mount rose in a storm can grant favor with a powerful storm spirit.
2017-04-08 Shadow Webs The Dark Wings hunt for signs of Azlu in Reno's Shadow
2017-04-07 Spirit Meat In the Shadow a spirit stag is hunted by wolves
2017-04-07 Begrudging Respect Elizabeth and Guinevere stake claim to their lands on the South shore of Lake Tahoe.
2017-04-07 WTF Was That? The In and Out Burger in Sparks was attacked by Owl-Beasts.
2017-04-05 Bear With Me The Dancing Shadows' Garmir catches the scent of a particularly nasty and wholly unnatural grizzly on or near their territory.
2017-04-04 Death of the FishCopter Two packmates get into a vicious fight, then take out their aggression on a Magath.
2017-04-03 Don't Open The Trap Door a patrol to discover azlu traces stalls at a warehouse
2017-04-03 Did You Hear That? Owl-Beasts have invaded Swarm Territory.
2017-04-02 Spring Charity Concert Sonnet and Nehushta finally offer a marvelous performance… And then the Spider Nation attacked!
2017-04-01 The Locundulum Part 1 After desperate cries from a tiny spirit, Kurt, Lita, and Sierra discover something unnerving.
2017-04-01 Incy Wincy Spider A brood of ant spirits ask for assistance with a predatory spider
2017-04-01 Reno Pack Faire An open house meant to help the packless find a place.
2017-04-01 My Kingdom for a Bucket Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle RRH.
2017-04-01 SCHMIGHT CLUB A combat arena in the underbelly of Reno!
2017-03-31 Glitter and Luchadores The Strange Case of the Be-glittered Dead Wolf; Or Fantastic Ladybeasts and Where He Found Them.
2017-03-29 Persephone's Backlash - Part Two A larger group of would-be heroes make a second attempt to tackle the zombie problem at Mountain View Cemetery.
2017-03-29 Sweat Lodge The Wolfblooded shaman Nehushta leads a sweat lodge for some local Wolves and Blooded, in which they meet some of their ancestors.
2017-03-28 House that Hates I Kevin seeks help with his haunted house
2017-03-27 Sonnet's Intervention Sonnet attempts to create peace between Zane and Kurt
2017-03-26 Spirit Fun What is wrong with Frances
2017-03-26 Meeting the Muse A muse is met and a deal struck.
2017-03-25 Bear Hunt Kurt leads the sacred hunt against a Bear Spirit
2017-03-25 What are you in for? Samuel sneaks into Ephraim's lab, with a mind on murdering his and Wasp's 'toy'.
2017-03-25 Purloined Socks The socks are gone!
2017-03-23 Zane's Challenge Zane deposes the Lakeridge Alpha
2017-03-23 Dreams of Water and Fire - I A small group of Uratha and a single Blooded investigate a factory close to the Bloody Hog, which seems to be the originating point of unsettling dreams they've all strangely been
2017-03-22 Lakeside Kerfuffle Issues arise within the Lakeridge Guardians pack.
2017-03-22 Could it be... Satan? A group of Lancea Sanctum and their Ordo bait hunt down a member of the Forsworn.
2017-03-22 Persephone's Backlash - Part One A group of daring curiosity-seekers check out the rumors of weirdness at the Mountain View Cemetery.
2017-03-22 Road Rage Pt 2 The Guardians reinvestigate the scene.
2017-03-21 Blood & Snow A ski trip nearly leads to disaster
2017-03-19 Midnight Slurpees. So.. they are out of banana Slurpee and it seems to be a big deal.
2017-03-17 Leprechaun Crawl The final stop on an epic St. Patrick's Day pub crawl, at Shea's Tavern. Social Event.
2017-03-17 Lakeridge Dinner Lakeridge Guardians get together for one of Zane's famous dinners.
2017-03-16 Road Rage The Lakeridge Guardians encounter a new threat
2017-03-15 No Way Out A group of wilderness adventurers get trapped by an avalanche, and discover they're not alone.
2017-03-12 Techno-hunt The Lakeridge Guardians seek the gift of Technology
2017-03-11 Deal Breaker A hunt for a technology spirit gets disrupted by a broken contract
2017-03-08 A Night at the Opera Ephraim stalks a famous tenor in town, only to find he's not the only Kindred doing so.
2017-03-08 Band Riot! Something sends Reno University Marching Band into a riot!
2017-03-07 Planning The Northern Lights Heist Werewolf, Spirit, Locus, Lakeridge Guardians
2017-03-06 A Pack Dinner in March The Lakeridge Guardians have a dinner to meet new faces and catch up on events.
2017-03-05 Rooster, hired! Rooster meets Shark. Shark hires Rooster.
2017-02-28 The Dating Game Reno Live Speed Dating.
2017-02-27 Tastes Like Chicken A Macellarius meets with his touchstone. A feast only he can truly appreciate.
2017-02-27 Mardi Gras in Reno! Mardi Gras shenanigans. Rooster beats the monkey.
2017-02-08 Little Bastards The Hunters of Reno are attacked by pygmy mummies riding monitor lizards. For real.
2017-02-07 Deathly Negotiation Landon attempts to gain the services of a Death Spirit
2017-01-31 Baby, it's Cold Outside Allegra discovers her boyfriend is Mr. Freeze!
2017-01-30 Go Ask Alice Shadows further investigate strange goings-on beneath their lair.
2017-01-29 The Exorcism of Jack Williams Luciana helps Kurt summon the ghost that has been haunting him. Zane plays bodyguard.
2017-01-28 Lakeridge Guardian's First Moot The Lakeridge Guardians held a Moot to determine Alpha, understand the new rules, air grievances, and determine their totem.
2017-01-27 It Burns Jesse drops by Fetu's butcher shop in search of his pack in the wake of a disturbing encounter. There is tension amid the trouble!
2017-01-25 Chapter House Meeting, Chapter 2 Guillaume calls a second night of meetings to discuss the state of the Academy!
2017-01-24 Ginger Clay Jesse and Mercy do their very best to help a querulous (And potentially toxic!) old man.
2017-01-24 Chapter House Meeting, Chapter 1 Some of the Academy gathers to organize
2017-01-23 Into the Labyrinth, Chapter 1 Some local Shadows investigate a strange maze beneath their communal Lair
2017-01-19 A Tiny Problem Sophie embraces her Wolf blood and undergoes her First Change!
2017-01-19 Last Words Dancing Shadows pack comes together to share a few last thoughts on the fate of the Bale Hound, Michael Steele.
2017-01-17 Kill Confirmed Anthony and Bailey are caught in the crossfire of another's reckless crusade.
2017-01-17 The Harvestman Simon happens upon a luckless thug who has information that he needs.
2017-01-15 Siskur-Dah - The Execution of Michael Steele The Dancing Shadows call down a Sacred Hunt on a Bale Hound. It ends with blood.
2017-01-15 Let's Play a Game Rooster interrogates one of the Disfavored, and they have a beautiful time. Not really. He fucked up bad.
2017-01-14 Have Fun Storming the Castle Word on the street is that a handful of gang members are aiming at Long Night territory. The rumor currently going around is that the pack is some second rate gang of their own, and
2017-01-12 Hunt of Zurum Duhalaim A Raccoon Spirit has caused Mayhem. Might it be Totem worthy?
2017-01-11 Vault of Sorrows - Part One The Swarm descends on a strip club operated by a dangerous cartel affiliate, seeking vengeance for a murdered daughter and mother.
2017-01-10 Long Distance A blast from Avati's mysterious past gives a new meaning to a long distance call.
2017-01-06 Memories Dancing Shadows introduces a new packmate to their proud, yet forgetful totem.
2017-01-06 First Fight Night! The first fight night, sponsored by The Swarm. Warning, it's long.
2017-01-06 The Baron's Dinner A reclusive Nosferatu throws a macabre party
2017-01-04 Gangrel Gathering Local Gangrel gather to decide on a Priscus and discuss recent issues.
2017-01-04 The Poacher Becomes The Poached A prepper-turned-hunter gets his just rewards and Tucker manages somehow not to be judged for giving the guy what he had coming to him.
2017-01-04 There's Wolves In Them Thar Hills Dancing Shadows pack discovers that bureaucracy is a threat even in the mountains.
2017-01-03 So It Begins: Hunter The Hunters go to investigate a string of grizzly murders...and get to witness one.
2017-01-01 Lancea Et Sanctum Meeting: January 2017 The Lancea have their monthly covenant meeting and share some news.
2016-12-29 Mission of Mercy Mercy follows up on a lead about her mother's death. The Swarm tries to help the only way they know how.
2016-12-29 The Deerstalker Dancing Shadows pack encounters a strange creature. Blood is spilled, respect is earned, and one more layer of the past is peeled back.
2016-12-26 Krampusnacht! Children are disappearing... and an old myth resurfaces!
2016-12-20 A Haunt on a B&E Annette and Wasp meet during a B&E
2016-12-19 Frostbitten The wolves hunt through shadow and snow to find their impossible quarry.
2016-12-19 Sparks Fly The Swarm carves out some territory - the hard way.
2016-12-18 Vampire Court: December 2016 December Court is held for the Praxis of Reno.
2016-12-18 What About Bear? A small knot of Uratha and wolfblooded run into each other at the Tur
2016-12-16 Food For Worms - The Gathering Summary of scene
2016-12-15 Food For Worms - The Trail Wolves and vultures working together for the lesser good.
2016-12-14 So It Begins: Werewolves Shit gets weird at the Tur. The Garm try to take care of it. OH YEAH!
2016-12-12 A Wolf in Winter Dancing Shadows pack is tested by their new totem.
2016-12-10 Here Be Dragons Zeke and Rooster commit some mild B&E into a supposedly abandoned crackhouse.
2016-12-10 Acceptance Mercy accepts recruitment into the Raven Syndicate
2016-12-09 Belated Trick or Treating Melissa's initiation into The Long Night involves a wee bit of trick or treating.
2016-12-09 An offer Mercy can't refuse Mercy is given a way out of her situation... into another situation.
2016-12-08 Food For Worms - A Bargain Of Flesh The Kindred of Reno are given an offer they can refuse.
2016-12-07 Spider Discovers Mercy's Jobs Mercy was summoned for a job. Spider tags along.
2016-12-07 The Swarm Begins To Gather Spider meets up with Roach in an old Abandoned Warehouse and invites Mercy to meet him, and Roach to meet Mercy.
2016-12-05 Dark Arrival Capricia arrives in Reno on by way of Milan. She is soon disappointed.
2016-12-03 O Brother, Where Art Thou? Cat claimed take a piss all over territory, and get their asses kicked for their trouble.
2016-12-01 Food For Worms Wolves, vultures and worms oh my!
2016-11-30 So It Begins: Vampires Something very odd happens at Elysium and a new vacancy opens up in the Court!
2016-11-28 An Introductory Hunt Zeke and Yuko meet "What are you hunting?"
2016-11-26 The Angry Harley Random meeting at The Angry Harley. Mercy is hunting the killer of her mother. Spider is stalking her, unbeknownst to her. Zane is just trying to have a drink!
2016-11-25 A Body Hits The Floor Kindred finds a dead kindred.
2016-11-25 Thresh's Reckoning Lidia and Star deal with an Ensih of death and despair.
2016-11-22 PrP: Just the Tip A hasty extraction gets messy.
2016-11-21 Dubois Meat Packing Plant A potential safe house is checked out
2016-11-21 Reversal of Misfortune - The Czar Himself The intrepid gang go to the source!
2016-11-19 Pig and Goose Two Cheiron Group Hunters meet for the first time.
2016-11-18 Devil You Don't Know
2016-11-16 Reversal of Misfortune - Four is the Magic Number Juliana and Horacio go to the source.
2016-11-11 PrP: Don't Look At It Like That 9 Lives Alley: Some cats in an alleyway and things happen.
2016-11-10 Reversal of Misfortune - Introduction The intrepid rescue team heads to ground zero!
See Spot Run See Spot run. See Spot throw a car. See spot run over a werewolf.