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Adult Content

RenoMush is a game for adults, with themes and images of a mature nature. As such, it is not unlikely or unallowed for roleplay of a sexual or violent nature to occur. However, we do ask that you respect your fellow players. Before engaging in any sexual explicit roleplay, please receive OOC consent from everyone involved or who is in the location of the scene. Likewise, violence is a common occurence in the IC reality of RenoMush. While the existence of violence does not require consent, please note that all Players have the right to limit the amount of actively roleplayed violent descriptors.

Discussions of an explicit sexual or violent nature should not be held on public channels or out of character areas.

Staff or Player-Run plots that are expected to contain mature themes should be labled as such whenever possible, though all players should be aware that this is a World of Darkness game, and mature themes can occur without warning.

The following policies apply to posting adult content on the wiki:

  • Logs which contain mild nudity or innuendo do not require labling as NSFW
  • Logs which contain explicit sexual activity should be marked as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain mild violence do not need to be labled as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain extensive but vague violence (most lethal combat) do not need to be labled NSFW
  • Logs which contain graphic violence (torture, more descriptive and brutal combat) should be marked as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain sexual violence (rape) should not be posted on the wiki.
  • Logs which contain on-screen violence or sexual activity involving minors (characters or NPCs below the age of 18) should not be posted on the wiki
  • Images of nudity (exposed female nipples, exposed genitals, exposed buttocks) may not be posted on the wiki
  • Images of a graphic sexual nature may be linked to but not directly shown on the wiki, so long as they are clearly labled NSFW.

Staff is the final arbiter of what constitutes graphic or explicit content.


By logging on to RenoMush, you acknowledge that you are a legal adult in the jurisdiction in which you reside. All player characters on RenoMush must be physically and emotionally eighteen years of age or more, and may not be depicted otherwise in text, image, or any other manner.


xxxxxShadows Over Reno allows players to have up to seven active characters, with some restrictions. A player can never have more than one character as a member of the same IC organization, including but not limited to the Reno Sheriff's Department, the mob, any pack, coterie, tribe, clan, covenant, lodge or any other organization.

xxxxxShould on-grid situations result in a violation of this policy (Embrace, First Change, involvement with a group, etc) then the player has one week to freeze characters of their choice to remove any conflict. A player can have more than one super in each sphere at a time.

Alt Interaction

xxxxxPlayers cannot have any meaningful IC interaction with the same character or organization across multiple characters. Casual social interaction is fine, but in no way can two PCs of one player both have significant ties, or benefit from, the same character or group.

xxxxxA player may never have multiple characters in the same scene. A player may have multiple characters involved in the same ongoing plot, but never in any individual scene.


At any given time, you should have one (1) Long Term aspiration - this is something that will take multiple scenes or possibly an entire arc to fulfill. Additionally, a character should have one (1) or two (2) active Short Term aspirations. These are goals that either will not take multiple scenes, or are not goals that are meant to be difficult for your character to accomplish over time.

When you fulfill an aspiration, it needs to be done on screen or via job. For example, if your aspiration is to meet the Washoe County Medical Examiner, this should be roleplayed out. If your aspiration is to discover the ban of Zarthion, the spirit of Birds and Knives, this could be handled via a research job.

When an aspiration is fulfilled OR significant progress is made towards an aspiration, a beat is awarded. Progress must be significant - if your aspiration is to become a world class dance, buying a dot of Expression counts, but if your aspiration is to live forever, waking up in the morning does not. If a short (or long) term aspiration is fulfilled, you may immediately chose a new aspiration. You may also request that an aspiration be abandoned, though this may require a convincing argument. Valid reasons include, but are absolutely not limited to, loss of Integrity/Humanity/Harmony, major IC changes, an aspiration becoming impossible, etc.


The Following Books are considered to be in use on RenoMush. If you have a question about material presented in another book, please contact staff with questions.

Core Rules

xxxxx• Chronicles of Darkness 2nd Edition

xxxxx• Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker


xxxxx• Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition

xxxxx• Secrets of the Covenants

xxxxx• Clanbook: Daeva

xxxxx• Clanbook: Gangrel

xxxxx• Clanbook: Mekhet

xxxxx• Clanbook: Nosferatu

xxxxx• Clanbook: Ventrue

xxxxx• Ancient Bloodlines (Select Bloodline Theme Only only)

xxxxx• Bloodlines: the Hidden (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Bloodlines: the Chosen (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Bloodlines: the Legendary (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• The Invictus (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Carthians (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Ordo Dracul (Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Lancea Sanctum (Select Miracles and Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• Circle of the Crone (Select Rituals and Select Bloodlines Theme only)

xxxxx• World of Darkness: Shadows of Mexico (Select Bloodline Theme only)


xxxxx• Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition

xxxxx• The Pack

xxxxx• Lodges: The Faithful (Lodge Themes only)

xxxxx• Lodges: The Splintered (Lodge Themes only)

xxxxx• Tribes of the Moon (Lodge Themes only)


xxxxx• Hunter the Vigil

xxxxx• Night Stalkers

xxxxx• Spirit Slayers

xxxxx• Witch Finders

xxxxx• Compacts & Conspiracies

xxxxx• Hunter Mortal Remains

xxxxx• Slasher

xxxxx• Block by Bloody Block


So you want a building on the grid? Easy!

Just do the following:

1) Decide what the building should be called. As an example, we'll use Murder House.

2) Decide what area of the grid the building should be linked to, such as Commercial Downtown or Hidden Valley.

3) Decide what the layout of the building should be, how many rooms and what they're going to be called. Please note that although we do not strictly link resources to the size of build you can have, there'll need to be a very good reason why your res 0 hobo is requesting a 10 room mansion.

4) Put in a request with the above information. For example:

   +request Build = Hi, I'd like a building please. It should be called Murder House and needs to be linked to Hidden 
   Valley. The layout is Lounge leading to Kitchen and Upstairs, then a room from Upstairs called Master Bedroom, and 
   a room from Kitchen called Cellar. 

5) Wait for a short period of time until a staffer sets up your build in the building nexus.

6) Add descs to all rooms and exits. Descs should always begin with %r%t and end with %r, and all paragraphs should be separated by %r%r%t. PLEASE check your descs for correct spelling, and break up any paragraphs larger than 3-4 lines for readability.

7) Comment on the job to confirm you've desc'd all exits and rooms.

8) Wait for a short period of time until a staffer can check your build over. This will result in you either being returned to step 6 if something was missed, or progressing to step 9.

9) Congratulations! Your building job is all linked up and live on the grid. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: While the building is unchecked and not yet linked to the grid, PLEASE DO NOT ROLEPLAY IN THERE. If you need to simulate being in your as-yet-nonexistant property, please use temprooms.


Shadows over Reno is neither entirely consent-based nor non-consent; it's a hybrid of both. The consent policies are in place because the point of the game is for the players to have fun. Some subjects are fun for some, and absolutely not fun for others.

Characters on the game may be adversarial, but players should not be. While we do not expect every player to be BFFs with every other player who frequents Reno, we do expect - even require - players to negotiate, collaborate, and work toward ends that are mutually agreeable to the players, whether their characters like this outcome or not. IC/OOC separation is crucial.

When we refer to consent in policy, we're talking about the player's consent, not the character's.

Look to the spirit and intent behind these exceptions in addition to the letter of the law, because that's what staff will be doing if concerns are brought to us, and it would be ill-advised to consider this list 'pure letter of the law' or comprehensive. If something that falls outside of what we've directly addressed in policy, we'll try to address it with a definitive answer promptly.

Trying to rules-lawyer this policy does not look good for anyone making the attempt from any direction; don't.

Full policy text is found here. Ignorance of these policies does not proffer immunity to them.


As a clarification, all Covenant Lore and Theme on RenoMush is derived entirely from Blood and Smoke - The Strix Chronicles and our Wiki. Explicitly, we do not use any theme information from the Covenant Books.


Certain behavior will not be tolerated on RenoMush. This behavior includes:

  • Violating any core Game Policies such as age or mature content
  • Deliberate attempts to deceive others in regards to the rolls or capabilities of a game mechanic
  • Attempts to infringe on the privacy of other players
  • Deliberate attempts to mislead or deceive staff.
  • Harassment of players or staff
  • Any egregious behavior not covered above.


xxxxxAt launch, Experience on RenoMush will be earned through two primary methods. Once per week, each active and approved character will be awarded 2 Experiences. Each character also has the option of earning up to 3 further experiences by participating in Plots and earning Beats. If your character experiences a situation where a Beat should be granted, such as via a Condition, it is the responsibility of the player to open a request as soon as possible, entitled BEAT, and explaining how the beat was gained.

Forced Template Changes

A change of template or becoming cannot be forced on a character without the player's consent.

This sounds like common sense, but it isn't. Circumstances in the game world, and the system itself, can allow for this to happen. If the player is content with the change, or would like to pursue the roleplay, they're welcome to do so.

The staff magic of handwavium will be applied if the player is not interested this change if necessary. Players create the character they want to play; if they wanted the character to be a different type, they would have made them that way or would have applied for a becoming. Further, as there are alt restrictions by template, this could potentially force someone to freeze or abandon the character or another character they don't wish to sacrifice.

This is a simple check and balance to reflect the difference between the way a game is traditionally played in a tabletop environment vs. how a game is typically played on a MUX.

IC Leadership

Positions of leadership in In Character organizations are demanding, both from an IC and an OOC perspective. In an effort to make sure that power is not being abused or neglected, staff asks that anyone in a position of leadership remain in communication with Staff about the status and direction of their organization. Holding Status at 4-5 dots is considered to be in an IC leadership position. The following is a list, albeit not necessarily comprehensive, of what organizations are subject to this rule:

  • Clans
  • Covenants
  • Tribes
  • Lodges
  • Bloodlines
  • Mystery Cults
  • Hunter Compacts/Conspiracies

Small PC groups such as packs or coteries are not subject to this policy. The leader of any of the above groups (generally the one with the highest Status), will be queried no less than once and no more than twice a month to check for activity. Secondary positions will also be queried on occasion, such as if the faction head is nonresponsive, on vacation, or there is a conflict of interest.

If there is deemed to be an OOC lack of responsibility or ability to organize a faction, then staff may intercede. Possible responses range from the institution of a new PC faction head, an NPC faction head, or a measure suitable for the situation.

The purpose of this ruling is not to prevent IC leadership of organizations, but to prevent any obstructions relating to players joining organizations and to make sure that said organizations thrive.

IC Time

Some merits and abilities are only usable at certain time intervals, or have a specific duration. Terms like 'session,' 'chapter,' et cetera make more sense in a tabletop setting, whereas time works differently on a MUX. Here on Reno, the following can be used as a guideline for how long each of these subjective time measurements are:

• One Turn: 3 seconds in 'real time.'
• One Scene: 3 hours, or until the current scene ends.
• One Session: 1 day.
• One Chapter: 1 week.
• One Story: 1 month.


xxxxxWe do not expect that all players can log in to the game every day, or even every week. Approved characters that go one month without logging on for 30 days will be unapproved and frozen, these characters may return without penalty but will not accrue experience while frozen. Characters that have never gone through the chargen process will be @nuked after 30 days of idle to free names for the system.

Player Builds

While player builds are not involable and should not be used as places to escape to where nothing bad can ever happen, there is a level of etiquette associated with running a scene using a build that somebody has spent time and effort making. Below are the rules we would expect STs to follow.

  • Seek consent. The owner of the build must give their consent, or the build wizard should give their consent. This must be obtained before the plot is run using a player-owned build.
  • Be respectful. A plot using a player-owned build, while it may cause some damage, should not wreck hours of work on a whim. Irreparable damage to the building or noted items within the building should be avoided at all costs, unless prior consent has been given which includes the acceptance of this damage beforehand.
  • Show gratitude. Notify staff as part of your scene submission that a player's build was used, and we may give a discretionary award of XP to the build owner.

Player Ethics

We expect RenoMush players to behave as mature, responsible adults. This means that, at a bare minimum, treating one another and staff with courtesy and respect out of character.

Player Run Plots

Players on Shadows Over Reno are encouraged to actively run scenes for others. Aside from the following exceptions, players have significant leeway to run a plot.

Click 'Expand' on the right for the full policy text.

Forbidden Plots

xxxxx- The God Machine
xxxxx- Other Splats' Realms (Hedge, Supernal, Abyss, Etc.)
xxxxx- Child Abuse
xxxxx- Gods (Rank 5+ Ephemerals)

Restricted Plot Elements

While allowed, these plot elements require pre-approval of HeadStaff to be used:
xxxxx- Staff Featured NPCs
xxxxx- Rank 4+ Ephemerals
xxxxx- Rank 3-4 Idigam
xxxxx- Destruction of Grid
xxxxx- Other Splat NPCs (Mage, Changeling, Etc.)
xxxxx- Other Splat Antagonists (Banishers, Abyssals, Etc.)
xxxxx- Packs of Pure or Bale Hounds
xxxxx- Coteries of VII
xxxxx- Groups of Strix
xxxxx- Coteries of Belial's Brood

Does Not Require Approval

xxxxx- Rank 1-3 Ephemerals
xxxxx- Solo Pure or Bale Hound
xxxxx- Solo Strix, VII or Belial's Brood
xxxxx- Custom Monsters

Desired Plot Elements

xxxxx- Scene involves four or more Player Characters.
xxxxx- Scene incorporates some aspect of the real world Reno, be it a location or a news-worthy event.
xxxxx- Social challenges, from Trivia Nights for bragging rights to City Hall favor-exchanging scenes.
xxxxx- Non-Combat Physical Challenges.
xxxxx- Mental Challenges, from police investigations to puzzle solving or book searching.


xxxxx- Scene is comprised solely of characters with minor templates (Mortal, Mortal+, Wolf-Blooded, Ghouls and Hunters).


xxxxx- Conspiracy/Paranoia scenes and plots, where Hunters are faced with the dubious morality and shady loyalties of the organizations they, or their Cell mates, work for.
xxxxx- Non-Physical Hunts, stuff that involves finding out a demon's Bane or a witch's true name to defeat/exorcise them.
xxxxx- Anytime a Hunt ends with no property damage made and no need for clean-up. Subtle, smart Hunts.
xxxxx- Hunts that use Bestiary breeds. Note that +requesting your custom breeds are added there offers rewards on their own.
xxxxx- Scenes in which a Hunter's Tells or Code severely influence and impair her ability to deal with normal people.


xxxxx- Feed or hunting scenes, dice rolled or not.
xxxxx- Scenes upon which a vampire meaningfully interacts with her Touchstone. If the Touchstone is a PC, any scene between them might qualify for this Beat.
xxxxx- Political scenes where pacts and bargains are struck to further someone's aims.
xxxxx- Any Covenant-specific scene. Characters of the same Covenant RPing together won't always be eligible for this Beat. Only touching on Covenant-specific themes does.


xxxxx- Hunt/Chase scenes
xxxxx- Totem Interaction
xxxxx- Spirit Negotiation
xxxxx- NPC vs PC Territory Disputes/Fights
xxxxx- Rite Teaching Scenes
xxxxx- Scene takes place in the Hisil
xxxxx- Fetish Creation

Plot Rewards

xxxxxStorytellers and PCs participating in plots gain certain rewards. No one award is eligible more than once per scene. When submitting a log of a plot, please note what rewards are eligible. All rewards are equal to 1 Beat. Plot rewards for the storyteller can be added to any combination of approved Player Characters belonging to the ST. You can only earn 15 Beats (3XP) max from player run plots in a week.

xxxxx- Core Themes: Scene features one of the core Game Themes. Each Sphere has it's own Themes.
xxxxx- Open Invitation: Scene is made available for anyone to participate in, or anyone in a specified Sphere.
xxxxx- Soundtrack: A soundtrack is provided in the log.
xxxxx- Pre-Approval: Scene is pre-approved by Staff.
xxxxx- Plot Finale: Scene is the final step of a plot.
xxxxx- Danger Zone!: Scene involves genuine physical, mental, or social risk to the characters involved.
xxxxx- Desired Elements: Scene has one of the Desired Elements above. A character can claim a Generic and a Sphere-Specific Beat.
xxxxx- New People Into The Plot: Scene provides significant IC information designed to draw others into a plot.


To make things easier on both Storytellers and Staff, the following is an example of how plot/event submissions should look:

Log is posted at: http://reno.mechanipus.com/wiki/Logs:Persephone7s_Backlash_-_Finale
Storyteller: Erinys
Participants: Waverly, Kurt, Wasp, Thorne, Samuel, Bailey
Rewards: Core Theme: Tigers and Bears, Desired Element: 4+ Player Characters, Open Invitation, Soundtrack, New People into the Plot, Danger Zone, Plot Finale
Projected XP: 1.4

Submission Template Code
+request Plot: <plot name here>=%R%xhLog is posted at:%xn <link to log>%R%xhStoryteller:%xn <name>%R%xhParticipants:%xn <list of names>%R%xhRewards:%xn <list of eligible rewards>%R%xhProjected XP:%xn <total of beats>%R


We all make mistakes. A character may opt to have their sheet wiped and all experience and starting points redistributed.

This is possible under two circumstances:

  • The adoption of a supernatural template
  • Once in the character's lifespan, within 3 months of character creation.

Additionally, during the first month of play, a player can request that a mild alteration to their sheet be made. A reason for this free alteration must be given, such as "I did not realize that Dominate required the Expression Skill" or "I confused Resolve and Composure".

A respec cannot change any innate features of a character, such as Auspice, Auspice Aspect, Gender, Age, Clan, Bloodline, Lodge, Supernatural Template, Covenant, or Tribe. Covenants and Tribes are social institutions that can only be left through In Character action.

Staff Ethics

Staff on RenoMush is expected to hold themselves to a high standard of ethical conduct. Staff is not to infringe on the privacy of players or to abuse their power. The purpose of staff is to facilitate an environment where people can roleplay and enjoy themselves, as well as to process and maintain the virtual infrastructure of the game. Staffers are not to use their powers to spy on others, or to gain access to information that is not related to their duties as staff.

Staff members are forbidden from processing any non-automatic job created by the player character of someone they have a significant IC interaction with (Packmate, Regnant, Significant Other, Nemesis) etc. Staffers are forbidden from processing ANY jobs from their own character.

For the purposes of these rules, non-automatic jobs are any in which the slightest degree of judgement is necessary - anything but valid XP spends.


xxxxxComing Soon...


On Shadows of Reno, we understand that sometimes a character simply doesn't work out. A player can't get a feel for it, or it runs into situations that make it less than enjoyable - or even impossible - to play. Hell, a character can even die. In an ideal world, the time and effort a player invested into that character shouldn't simply be considered a wash. This is where XP transfers comes into play.

However, some restrictions are necessary. These are as follows:

  • First, the source character must be permanently retired. That means never coming back to this game in any way, shape, or form.
  • The retired character must have some verifiable evidence of activity prior to being frozen. This is to prevent players from creating alts and letting them sit idle, 'farming' experience for a future alt. If it is suspected that this is the case, Staff reserves the right to deny a transfer request. Participation in plots and events, non-automatic Beats being earned, logs posted to the wiki, et cetera, are all examples of such 'proof of activity.'
  • You may transfer 75% of your dead or permafrozen character's earned experience to a new character, up to a limit of double the game's starting experience (35xp). This means that a transfer cannot total more than 70xp.
  • The transfer must be directed to a fresh character that has not yet been approved. There will be no transfers to approved PCs. Don't even ask. Additionally, new characters my only receive transferred experience from one permanently retired character.
  • Transfers are only allowed in a lateral direction, or down. In other words, you may transfer from a character with a supernatural template to another supernatural template (i.e. Werewolf to Vampire) or to a minor template (Werewolf to Mortal), but never from a minor template to a supernatural (Hunter to Vampire).
  • This experience is set in place of the normal starting experience, and you cannot still earn an additional 5xp by writing a background for the transfer-recipient. Other incentives may apply when appropriate, however.


Vitae is the most potent addictive substance in the World of Darkness. A single taste can change the course of a life (or unlife). Whenever a character tastes the blood of a Kindred, it must be documented. This is to ensure that it is properly noted who has an Addiction to Vitae, what vinculums are in play, and who is a thrall to who.

Characters who are addicted to vitae immediately gain the persistend Addicted condition. Characters who are under a blood bond function as described in Blood and Smoke, page 100.

This information does not need to be made publically available OOC - if a character possesses a blood bond or vitae addiction, they do not need to share this unless it is relevant to an occuring scene.

All ghouls are considered to begin play under a full vinculum to their regnant, unless the ghouling process occurs on grid post-approval.

PvP Policy

There are splats in place on Reno that at times, historically, have been at odds with one another. We want to state, clearly and for the record, that Reno is not a PvP game. Hunters have their own guidelines when it comes to PvP, located here. Players from other spheres should never be afraid to interact ICly with a Hunter, unless their PC is engaging in clearly monstrous, 'evil' behavior - Hunters are not allowed to target supernatural PCs simply because they are supernatural, and consequences will be meted out should it be discovered that this sort of behavior has transpired. This general rule applies across the board: Forsaken, Kindred and/or their allies are not allowed to target Hunters or each other simply because "He's a <template>!"

To reiterate, however, this does not protect PCs who behave in a blatantly monstrous way, corrupting and/or maiming humans or anyone else in their path. If you turn into some nightmare-inducing monster in public, slay a few bystanders, and get caught? Whatever happens, happens, and we will all deal with it accordingly through +jobs. ICA=ICC.

At the end of the day, nobody is forced to RP with people they do not wish to, so this can and should be used to your advantage, with the caveat that this cannot be used to escape or avoid consequences for your previous IC actions.