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Hi! I'm Pinball, the great wizard. I'm here to help guide you on this wonderful hobby that is mushing, often referred to as MU'ing. This guide is going to assume you've never played a multi-user text-based game before and is going to go over how to connect to our world and some of the basic commands that can help you learn how to play with us. Note, this is not going to be a “how to GMC/nWoD” guide; people can and will help you on the game with this. This is just to learn the basics of a mush client and how to connect.

First, you need a client! This is a program that is designed to handle connections to text-based worlds. If you use a Mac, I would suggest [Atlantis] as it seems to be the most popular client for them. For Windows/Linux, I recommend [Potato].

Once those are downloaded and installed, you'll pop up to a blank screen. Worry not! It's supposed to be that way. Think of it like a TV. It's of no use unless you plug it in to something, right? That's what a world is: a channel of your TV dedicated to one game; in this case, Reno! At the top, you will see the standard menu bar for programs of your client, and if you look around them, you'll see something called an Address Book. With that, you can create a new world/new connection. That is where you type in Reno's address you can find on the home page.

Congrats, you've set up a connection to our game! Now to make an object that you control; your character, or sometime referred to a “bit” or a “toon.” At the connect screen, you'll see some text like the following:

Connecting to"
Connected - XX.XXX.X.XXX ( - 05/09/2015 - 12:06:03"

"Welcome to TinyMUX"

"connect <name> <password>" connects you to an existing character. "connect guest" connects you to a guest account if one is prepared. "create <name> <password>" creates a new character.

"WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive). "QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.

Once logged on, "help" gives help on specific commands, functions, and special topics. Other 'help' commands include "+help" and "news".

Some games have fancy ascii art there with the game's name. At this screen, you can do three things. You can connect to an already made bit (if you have the password, which you shouldn't unless its yours), make a “guest” bit that is free to talk but isn't actually used for playing the game, or you can create your bit. To do that, simply type “create name password” where name is the name of the character you want (keep in mind the game's setting; we're likely not to get a Legolas in today's day and age) and password is the password that you come up with. Note, you may get an error saying that the name is already is use; if that's the case, try a different one! Unlike real life, on games such as these, you can't have two people with the same name.

With that, you now have access to our game. Welcome! Let's talk next about talking. To talk in the room you're in, type:: “Hi, this is my text here. The idea is to use the quotation mark to START your sentence, but not end it. After doing it a few times, you'll see why. You can also use the word "say" before your text:: say Hello world! The net result is the same and is totally up to which you prefer. Now, to talk on channels, it's a bit more tricky. You type:: <comalias> Text where <comalias> is the channel's shortcut name. For example, you will default on to the Public channel where you can type:: pub Hello world! And it will broadcast to everyone on said channel. From there, you can ask other players things or for help.

To go along with the idea of help? Make liberal use of the +help and +news commands. Just typing those will list the topics, and typing +whatever topicname will bring up that topic. And, to add with that, we have message boards, often referred to as the +bb system. You can type +bbread and it'll pop up all of the boards you can see. Typing +bbread # will bring up that board number and show you the postings. +bbread X/Y will show you post Y in board X. So, you want to read post number 5 on board 3? +bbread 3/5

If you need help from here, you can ask on game! Staff (those who give their time and energy to run this game) have colorful names. They're real easy to spot on channels.