Mystery Cults

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xxxxxCults are far more common than the people of the World of Darkness would like to admit. Mystery cult is the catch-all term for a phenomenon ranging from secret societies couched in fraternity houses and scholarly cabals studying the magic of classical symbolism to mystical suicide cults to the God Machine.

xxxxxMystery Cult Initiation reflects membership in one of these esoteric groups. The dot rating dictates standing. One dot is an initiate, two a respected member, three a priest or organizer, four a decision-making leader, five is a high priest or founder.


xxxxxPurpose: What they stand for.

xxxxxRelic: What they follow.

xxxxxMembership: How to get in.

xxxxxLeadership: None.


xxxxxStatus (•): Level one benefits.

xxxxxStatus (••): Level two benefits.

xxxxxStatus (•••): Level three benefits.

xxxxxStatus (••••): Level four benefits.

xxxxxStatus (•••••): Level five benefits.

The Cult of Coyote

xxxxxPurpose: To teach the world however they please, and gain as much knowledge as humanly (and inhumanly) possible.

xxxxxRelic: The supernaturally preserved pelt of a Pleistocene coyote.

xxxxxMembership: Be invited by a member.

xxxxxLeadership: The Head of Coyote

xxxxxMembers: Children of Coyote

xxxxxStatus (•): Occult.Omens or Investigation.Omens. If you already have the specialty in either you get Area of Expertise • (Omens)

xxxxxStatus (••): Contacts • (Occult). If you already have Contacts you get Allies • (Occult)

xxxxxStatus (•••): Eye for the Strange ••

xxxxxStatus (••••): Omen Sensitivity •••

xxxxxStatus (•••••): You achieve an exceptional success on three successes when using Omen Sensitivity •••, Auspex, Insight Spirit Gifts, the Evil Eye Tell, Psychometry •••, or Telepathy •••+.

The Chosen of Mammon

xxxxxPurpose: Mammon believes in the almighty dollar, and its inherent power. Followers of Mammon are expected to obtain material wealth and power at any cost. Fortunately, their networks help initiates quickly claim promotions and transfers into more prominent areas of influence. Cultists: Hedge fund manager, mail boy on a mission, outsourcer, personal assistant to the stars, talent scout, third generation CEO

xxxxxLeadership: High Priestess of Mammon

xxxxxMembers: Chosen of Mammon

xxxxxStatus (•): Politics.Bureaucracy.

xxxxxStatus (••): Language Merit • (Aramaic)

xxxxxStatus (•••) Access to cult resources. Two dots of either Contacts, Allies, Resources, or Retainers from the Cult of Mammon.

xxxxxStatus (••••) Priests of Mammon gain the Thief of Fate (•••) Merit but are prohibited from touching other cultists.

xxxxxStatus (•••••) Gain Resources ••• in addition to any existing resources. Additionally, she may make a Resources ••••• purchase once per month without limitation, by drawing from the cult’s coffers.