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With the release of The Pack, we now have insight into the details of lodges in the Werewolf 2E setting. The 1E Lodge books can and do provide useful background and general information about the Lodges (which should still be applicable), but much like how the Tribes have thematic changes in 2E with the introduction of sacred prey, so do the lodges.

The rules and systems for lodges can be found starting on page 80 of The Pack. Unlike the previous incarnation of Reno, lodges will provide mechanical benefits in the form of a Blessing and modifications to the Sacred Hunt rite, balanced by an additional Aspiration relating to the goal of the lodge, as well as a Ban that must be observed to retain the totem's blessings. Lodges also have access to a specialized set of merits that confer additional benefits if taken.

A major point to note is that lodges no longer have minimum stat requirements for membership. However, certain unique lodges (example: the Lodge of Scars) may be house-ruled to have requirements to protect their special thematic elements.

As it stands, most lodges from the First Edition sourcebooks can be considered to exist. However, aside from the Lodge of Garm, none of the other First Edition lodges have been officially converted. Staff will be converting the Tribal Pillars (The Pack, 77) into mechanically usable lodges for Reno. Other lodges can be considered on a case-by-case basis, if and when players are interested in using them, much like bloodlines for Vampire. Do note that these are unofficial implementations, and will be subject to change should Onyx Path release their official versions. (Please, do not pick a Lodge for its mechanical benefits. Pick one for its flavor and how it applies to your concept.)

Finally, although The Pack mentions that lodges generally are not exclusive to one tribe, characters on Reno are required to be members of a Lodge's patron tribe if it has one. Lodges that do not have a patron tribe are free to be joined by any werewolf. Wolfbloods may consider themselves apart of a Lodge if, socially, the Lodge allows for it (example: Lodge of the Shield), but they do not gain any mechanical benefits.

For guidelines and suggestions on converting a Lodge to Second Edition, please see this page: Converting a Lodge.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Armory (••• or •••••) - The Pack, page 81

xxxxxYour character has access to a substantial armory maintained by the Lodge. The armory contains a selection of legal weapons and a small number that are not legal under local law; a country's gun control regulations will dictate whether firearms are considered legal or not, for example. At •••, the armory includes weapons made from strange or rare materials, including at least one silver weapon. At •••••, choose three fetish weapons each of up to •••. At any one time, with Staff oversight via +request, the character may borrow a single one of these from the armory.

  • Lodge Connections (• to •••••) - The Pack, page 81

xxxxxYour character can access the substantial support network of the Lodge. Once per session, she may benefit from any of the following merits of a dot rating up to her rating in Lodge Connections: Allies, Mentor, Resources, or Retainer.

  • Lodge Lorehouse (• to •••••) - The Pack, page 81

xxxxxYour character can make use of a repository of lore and knowledge that the Lodge has gathered. For each dot, choose a specific topic or narrow subject that the lorehouse contains information on, such as Spirits of Death, Local Family Genealogies, or Rites (requires a +note, approved by Staff). When researching on that topic in the lorehouse, she gains the rote quality on her rolls, and research time is halved. If she uses the Sift the Sands Facet of the Knowledge Gift in the lorehouse, she needs only five successes and each roll takes one turn.

  • Lodge Sorcery (••• or •••••) - The Pack, page 81

xxxxxYour character can draw upon the spiritual bond of his totem to wield its Influences as his own. At •••, he gains a single Influence that the Lodge totem possesses at ••. At •••••, he gains a second Influence from the totem’s list at ••, and once per story he can use one of the Influences at ••••. Using an Influence costs Essence as if he was a spirit, and uses a dice pool of Presence + Wits. (Influences must be +noted on the character and approved by Staff.)

  • Lodge Stronghold (•• or ••••) - The Pack, page 81

xxxxxYour character belongs to a Lodge that maintains a well-defended outpost in the area. The stronghold offers the benefits of Safe Place ••••• to any Lodge member taking refuge within it. At ••••, the stronghold also features considerable supernatural defenses tailored to the Lodge's nature; possibilities include wards that force spirits to spend Willpower to cross or Bane-laden traps. Strongholds also come with the potential aid of fellow Lodge members present in them.
xxxxxDrawback: Abuse of a communal Lodge stronghold will lead to censure from the Lodge at the very least. Making use of the stronghold's defenses against any enemy who is not an enemy of the wider Lodge requires justification to other adherents; failure to do so results in the Merit's benefits being withdrawn until the Lodge is satisfied. Your character may also be called on by the Lodge to help defend the stronghold when it comes under threat.


Any Tribe

  • The Thousand Steel Teeth: A multi-tribal lodge of road warriors that hunts the highways on the backs of steel steeds. (The Pack, 84)


  • Lodge of the Chronicle: A Cahalith-exclusive lodge that strives to preserve histories with their bestowed perfect recall. (Second Edition, 53)


  • Lodge of Gargoyles: An Irraka-exclusive lodge who use long-range weaponry and parkour to hunt their prey. (Second Edition, 53)

Blood Talons

  • Lodge of Garm (2E): Martial perfectionists who hunt the elder champions of the Pure. (The Pack, 82)
  • Lodge of Swords: Dedicated crusaders who hunt entire packs of werewolves. (Lodges: The Faithful, 97)
  • Lodge of Wendigo: Masters of terror and stealth who prey upon the weak and vulnerable. (Lodges: The Faithful, 106)
  • Lodge of the Einherjar: Werewolves who hunt down the forgotten tales of the Uratha to honor the Glorious dead. (Second Edition, 51 | Tribes of the Moon, 32)

Bone Shadows

  • Lodge of Death: Scholars of death who hunt ghosts, the undead, and those who live beyond their allotted time. (Lodges: The Faithful, 45)
  • Lodge of Harbingers: Roaming messengers who hunt marauding spirits that rove from place to place. (Lodges: The Faithful, 57)
  • Lodge of Prophecy: Seers of the future who hunt the dangerous spirits foretold in their divinations. (Lodges: The Faithful, 77)
  • Lodge of the Hundred Days: Werewolves specialized in the cleansing of wounds formed from war and genocide. (Second Edition, 51 | Tribes of the Moon, 64)

Hunters in Darkness

  • Lodge of Harmony: Workers of the land who target Hosts before they ever cause damage. (Lodges: The Faithful, 60)
  • Lodge of the Seasons: Werewolves who attune themselves to the natural cycles of the world. (Lodges: The Faithful, 91)
  • Lodge of Wrath: Fiercely territorial werewolves who hunt intruders of sacred places. (Lodges: The Faithful, 114)
  • Lodge of the Hook Hand: Werewolves who protect their territories as rumormongers and purveyors of local legends. (Second Edition, 51)

Iron Masters

  • Lodge of Arms: Werewolves with a sacred personal weapon, who hunt human warriors and foes skilled at war. (Lodges: The Faithful, 30)
  • Lodge of Lightning: Ingenious and adaptable werewolves who hunt down humans who galvanize society in dangerous ways. (Lodges: The Faithful, 63)
  • Lodge of Scrolls: Loremasters of the Uratha who hunt down humans armed with knowledge and influence. (Lodges: The Faithful, 88)
  • Lodge of the Shield: Werewolves of law enforcement, famous for accepting wolfbloods, who make up the majority of the membership. (Second Edition, 52 | Tribes of the Moon, 34)

Storm Lords

  • Lodge of Crows: Secretive agents of the Uratha who hunt through use of contacts and influence, remaining hidden. (Lodges: The Faithful, 41)
  • Lodge of Thunder: Overt and direct werewolves who hunt the terrifying Hive-Claimed, humans ridden by multiple spirits. (Lodges: The Faithful, 100)
  • Lodge of Winter: Slow and methodical werewolves who shatter the chains of possession of all kinds. (Lodges: The Faithful, 111)
  • Lodge of the Roman Ritual: Roman Catholic priest-werewolves who perform spiritual exorcisms on the Claimed. (Second Edition, 52)

Ghost Wolves

Lodges/Ghost Wolves

Restricted Lodges

The following lodges are not approved for player characters.

  • The Temple of Apollo (The Pack, 88)
  • The Eaters of the Dead (The Pack, 90)