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Player Resources

HUNTER STARTER GUIDE: Exactly what it means!

Hunter House Rules: House Rules for Hunter.

Endowments: List of the available Endowments.

Research & Development: Rules for R&D.

Custom Content: Custom Content for Hunter.

The Code System: Rules for the Code System.

The No-PvP Clause: This is not a PvP Sphere.

Status Guidelines: How does that work?

Frequently Asked Questions: Some stuff that might help!

The Vigil

Hunter Setting: Overview of Reno's Vigil.

The Bestiary: The local monster breeds.

The Factions: How do they work in Reno?

Local Cells: Those who stand against the dark.

Aegis Kai Doru
Hunter Aegis.png

Ascending Ones
Hunter Ascending.png

Radio Silence
Cheiron Group
Hunter Cheiron.png

Knights of St. Adrian
Hunter KnightsAdrian.png

Knights of St. George
Hunter KnightsGeorge.png

Radio Silence
Les Mysterès
Hunter Mysteres.png

Radio Silence
The Lucifuge
Hunter Lucifuge.png

Malleus Maleficarum
Hunter Malleus.png

Radio Silence
Task Force: VALKYRIE
Hunter TFV.png

Radio Silence
Hunter VASCU.png


Ashwood Abbey
Hunter Ashwood.png

Loyalists of Thule
Hunter Loyalists.png

No Contact
Maiden's Blood
Hunter Maiden.png

Network Zero
Hunter Network.png

No Contact
Null Mysteriis
Hunter Null.png

No Contact
Hunter Union.png


Current Events

xxxxxFor a long time now mysterious organizations have been watching Reno for the melting pot of supernatural activity it is, well-placed agents disguised in plain sight as everyday folk, Vigilant. From drug dealers to elected officials, their candles were too few to be noticed.

xxxxxNot any longer.

xxxxxThe Reno Initiative has begun, and slowly Hunters from all walks of life start to pop up in Reno. Maybe a neighborhood that was avoided because it kept people awake at night is suddenly different after that good, honest-to-God mechanic moved in. Maybe a man dressed in black was seen shaking hands with the sheriff, and after that the officers started finding crime that successfully eluded them before. Their sightings more frequent, sometimes weird and dreadful, some others a sigh of relief.

xxxxxIt might be under-equipped, fighting against all odds and an experiment by the "Powers That Be", but the Vigil has arrived.

Character Creation

xxxxxPlease check the Character Creation page if any additional information is needed.

CG House Rules:
xxxxx• Hunters begin play with 10 Merit dots.

xxxxx• An Affiliation is membership to a Compact or Conspiracy. Your Primary Affiliation is your main Compact or Conspiracy, and the only one you can rise through the ranks high enough to earn a Faction invite.

xxxxx• All characters get 35 XPs to spend at CharGen (earning 5 more by writting up a background as detailed below).

xxxxx• Hunters may replace one Breaking Point for a Code tenet at CG. They must also choose a Tell to go with it. See Integrity & The Code for more info.


xxxxx• Hunters whose Primary Affiliation is a Compact gain two extra dots of Contacts, Resources or Allies to use as they see fit. This is to represent the Compacts' foothold in Reno.

xxxxx• Forming a Cell earns the group 1 free Tactic. The members get to choose who it will be given to. Cells are formed by three Hunters or more.

CG Restrictions:

xxxxx• No Kindred or Forsaken-oriented Merits.

xxxxx• Mystery Cult Initiation above 2

xxxxx• Any Forsaken or Kindred encounter.

Finishing Touches

Background Questions (worth 5 XPs!)

xxxxx• Who was the character before the Vigil?

xxxxx• How was his First Contact, the first full-on face off with the supernatural?

xxxxx• What brought you to the Vigil and why? This may or may not tie in with First Contact.

xxxxx• How was your first Hunt?

xxxxx• What is the Vigil to you?



xxxxx Chose one Long Term and two Short Term ones.