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Reno, Nevada. The "Biggest Little City in the World". Reno is in Northern Nevada, located in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Known primarily in modern nights for being a hot spot for gambling, Reno is a city which has reinvented itself numerous times. First a small crossing on towards the Sierra Nevadas. Then a gold mining supply town. Then a major rail stop. Come the 20th Century, Reno was again reinvented as the divorce capital of the united states. Then came the gambling, which provided much of the city's persona and income until the 1980s, when Indian Casino's stole that thunder. Outdoor sporting became the next fad in Reno, which may serve to redefine a city that is now in a decline.

Note, that, on RenoMush, the neighboring city of Sparks, Nevada is considered to be part of Reno proper. This is a decision to promote the ease of incorporating a directly adjacent but separate metropolitan area. Also, here on RenoMush, we are obviously in a dramaticised version of the city, taking liberties with the city's government, history, and sometimes even geography for the sake of story.

Statistics and Overview

Country: United States

State: Nevada
County: Washoe
Founded: May 9, 1868


  • City: 141.8 sq mi
  • Land: 138.8 sq mi
  • Water: 3.1 sq mi

Elevation: 4,505.6 ft
Population: (2010)

  • City: 315,485
  • Density: 2,225/sq mi
  • Metro: 425,417

Demonym: Renoites
Time zone: Pacific (PST) (UTC−8)v

  • Summer: (DST) PDT (UTC−7)

ZIP codes: 89500-89599
Area code(s): 775

Layout and Geography

Reno is laid out along the intersection of two main roads - Interstate 80 (I-80), which runs East-West, and US Route 395/Interstate 580, which runs North/South. Within the city itself, 395 is known as Virginia Street. The Truckee river runs East-West through the city, south of I-80. West of the city are the Sierra Nevada mountains, with Lake Tahoe to the south. To the North and East of Reno lies primarily undeveloped desert land.

North Region

The areas of the city north of Interstate-80, generally running along US-395.

Old West-Northwest (NR1)

xxxxxNorth of I-80, the neighborhood of old North-Northwest University is named for the famed University of Nevada, which dominates the landscape here with a sprawling campus. The school itself is surrounded by individual homes, ranging from modestly middle class up through legitimate mansions and sprawling estates.
xxxxxxxxxxTome Raiders:
xxxxxxxxxxEclair De Lune:
xxxxxxxxxxOld Parish:
xxxxxxxxxxUniversity of Nevada-Reno:

Northeast Reno (NR2)

xxxxxAcross the tracks, so to speak, of I-80, Northeast Reno is the poorest overall area of the city. Low rent apartment complexes in the south give way to legitimate trailer parks further north and east. A number of shady bars and strip clubs dot the streets in Northeast Reno, as does an unusually high number of churches and community centers.
xxxxxPerhaps the oddest feature of Northeast Reno, however, is the Wild Creek Golf Course, which is located just off of an exit from I-80, purchased on cheap real estate and not truly part of the community. To the north and east extremes, Northeast Reno simply ends in the desert.
xxxxxxxxxxEmmerson's Diner:
xxxxxxxxxxGraves' Wilde:
xxxxxxxxxxThe Shag:
xxxxxxxxxxAshdown Restorations:
xxxxxxxxxxDead Willow Drive:
xxxxxxxxxxBack Alley:
xxxxxxxxxxWild Creed Golf Course:

South Region

The Southernmost portions of Reno, generally south of Nevada 659

Donner Springs (SR1)

xxxxxDonner Springs is an older residential neighborhood, the southernmost portion of Reno. Built in the 1970s and 1980s, Donner Springs is fairly open with wide tracts of land and modest, although expensive homes and track mansions.
xxxxxThe most expansive portion of the neighborhood is devoted to the Arrowcreek County Club, which is nestled among a maze of sprawling suburban communities.
xxxxxxxxxxArrowcreek Country Club:
xxxxxxxxxx2865 Sagittarius:
xxxxxxxxxxThe Diner:

Hidden Valley (SR2)

xxxxxThe neighborhood of Hidden Valley lays closer to the Sierra Nevada mountains than any other part of Reno. The area is somewhat geographically isolated, with only a handful of streets providing actual access in or out of it. Plenty of small gated communities and townhomes exist within Hidden Valley, expensive and nestled close to the wilderness.
xxxxxThe Hidden Valley Regional Park exists at the far eastern edge of the area, part a pair of large, lush golf courses. The Park itself is a mixture of forested green space which gives way to desert.
xxxxxxxxxxGiovanni Manor:
xxxxxxxxxxRanch House:
xxxxxxxxxxAll In:
xxxxxxxxxxHidden Valley Regional Park:

East Region

Areas east of heart of the city, comprising real world Sparks, Nevada

East Reno (ER1)

xxxxxCovering the area east of of Virginia Street/US 395, East Reno was once the edge of the town. From west to east, the region begins as urbanized, but becomes progressively more and more suburban, moving from high rises and concrete towers to small individual family homes.
xxxxxA large part of East Reno is dedicated to a cluster of municipal buildings, including a Sheriff's station, fire house, and the Reno District Court.
xxxxxxxxxxDistrict Court:

Sparks (ER2)

xxxxxCreated almost entirely in the last third of the 20th Century, Sparks is a small microcosm of a city located past East Reno. Growing more urban towards the center, Sparks is ringed with the poorer areas furthest from the central, progressing to both more urbanized and more expensive real estate as it reaches the center of the area. At the far eastern edge, Sparks simply ends at the beginning of Nevada desert.

xxxxxShortly before the city limits, there is a small, local amusement and water park located just near I-80. This park is able to function so close to the desert by the massive Sparks Marina Lake.
xxxxxxxxxxOld House:
xxxxxxxxxxWild Island:

West Region

Outlying areas to the west of the city, generally outside of Nevada 659.

Old Southwest (WR2)

xxxxxNext to the commercial downtown, Old Southwest Reno is generally considered the most lovely neighborhood in the city. Close to the urban center, it is unusually green, featuring a strong local art and music scene. Coffee shops, eclectic restaurants and live music are all easy to find in Old Southwest. Many of the homes here are some of the oldest in Reno, lovingly preserved along tree lined streets.
xxxxxxxxxxSutherland's Bar:
xxxxxxxxxxThe Beanstalk:

South Meadows (WR1)

xxxxxCreated from a real estate boom in the late 20th Century, South Meadows is a well organized and designed region, consisting of numerous suburbanesque housing developments and gated communities. South Meadows features the highest percentage of Fast Food restaurants in Reno, as well as the highest number of national coffee franchises.
xxxxxThe premiere community in South Meadows is Somersett, located just along the Truckee River, as a completely secure and private gated community.
xxxxxxxxxxGregory House:
xxxxxxxxxxTriple-A Ranch:
xxxxxxxxxxDirt Road:

Central Region

The Heart of Reno, the oldest part of the city and the location of most of the commerce and casinos.

Residential Downtown (CR2)

xxxxxSprawling out of the more commercial area of the city, Downtown is a hub of entertainment, commerce, and residential communities. Small condominium developments dot the blocks here, blended in with expensive restaurants and night clubs.
xxxxxThe most dominating part of downtown Reno, however, is the Reno-Tahoe international airport. Located just off of Virginia Street/US 395, the airport is surrounded by less desirable real estate all around, owing to the massive noise pollution.
xxxxxxxxxxLa Fleur Rose:
xxxxxxxxxxDesert Sun Apartments:

Commercial Downtown (CR1)

xxxxxThe beating heart of Reno, downtown is where the two major highways which cross the town intersect, providing the densest urban environment in the entire city. The world famous Reno Arch is located here, just a few blocks south of I-80. The buildings here are taller than most other places in the city, streets dotted with tall brick and steel buildings, ranging up to nearly 40 stories with the immense Reno Live! Hotel and Casino.
xxxxxDowntown has a mixture of tourism and hardened inner city locations, small oases of tourism friendly locations of neon and overpriced attractions, surrounded by apartment complexes, and government buildings, and all the other less glamorous fixtures of a modern city.
xxxxxxxxxxSkin and Bones:
xxxxxxxxxxLannister Books:
xxxxxxxxxxCity Hall:
xxxxxxxxxxReno Arch:
xxxxxxxxxxReno Live!:

Pyramid Region

Located just north and east of the city, Pyramid Lake is where the water runs from Tahoe.

Pyramid Lake

xxxxxLocated around 35 miles Northeast of the city proper, Pyramid Lake is the end destination of the Truckee River. While considered beautiful to many in a stark, natural way, Pyramid lake is not a popular tourist destination, due to the water being salty and alkaline, as well as the lake itself being difficult to approach. Instead, there is a significant amount of hunting and fishing activity at the Lake.
xxxxxxxxxxCastillo Desert Tours:
xxxxxxxxxxDilapidated Shack:

Tahoe Region

Lake Tahoe

xxxxxLocated over a mile above sea level, Lake Tahoe is a major tourism destination located some 50 miles south of Reno. Renowned for skiing, Tahoe is home to a number of resorts and lodges. Of importance to Reno proper, Lake Tahoe is where the Truckee river begins. At such a high elevation, Tahoe is nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountains, and has year long stable highway access to Reno via US 395.
xxxxxxxxxxMount Rose Campground:
xxxxxxxxxxNorthstar Retreat:
xxxxxxxxxxPahranagat Estate:
xxxxxxxxxxGame Trail: