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Breaking Points


Mortals share a common set of breaking points, as well as each having five unique breaking points determined at character creation. These apply at all Integrity levels, and act as breaking points as defined in God-Machine Chronicles.


xxxxx• Rote Actions - Rote Actions in combat obey the following rules. You must spend a willpower point to gain the bonus. You cannot apply your defense against any attacks in a turn in which you use Rote Actions. If you previously applied your defense, you may not use a Rote Action. You may not make a Targeted Attack with a Rote Action or use any maneuvers granted from a Style Merit. Rote Actions cannot be applied to supernatural power activations. Skills cannot gain Rote for combat due to Professional Training 5.

xxxxx• Lethal/Aggravated Attacks and Armor - An attack that inflicts lethal or aggravated damage before armor is applied can never be reduced to less than 1 Bashing

xxxxx• Street Fighting 5 (Last-Ditch Effort) - You need only have an injury in one of your last 3 health boxes to use this maneuver, you do not have to actually suffer wound penalties.

xxxxx• Auto-Damage (Light Weapons 4, Street Fighting 3, Tooth and Claw 4, others) - Automatic Damage from a fighting merit is set at the type of damage (Aggravated, Lethal, or Bashing) and is not augmented by any powers

xxxxx• Natural Weapons and Fighting Merits - Any merit that does not explicitly strike with a weapon or a given body part can be used with a natural weapon located on the character's head, hands or feet - No tails, teeth, wings, etc. This applies only to merits where the weapon could conceivable apply - having a mouth full of razor sharp teeth does not negate your Iron Skin Merit, but said mouth of teeth is not a valid attack with Martial Arts

Fighting Merits

Anyone purchasing the Martial Arts and Grappling styles must have a +Note detailing what maneuvers they know. Dots beyond 5 may be purchased with the Extra Maneuver Merit.


When in a grapple, a character may choose to not fully contest their opponent's next maneuver roll in order to take another action reasonably possible in a grapple (such as activate a mental power) on their next initiative. When they do this, they suffer a penalty of their opponent's Strength to their roll and their opponent also suffers a penalty of the non-contesting user's Strength on the maneuver roll, which still happens on the highest initiative, but after the non-grapple action.

Example: Grapplin' Gary grabs Wimpy Wyatt. Wyatt had the higher initiative and so normally they would roll contested, but Wyatt wishes to use Dominate to break the hold instead of fighting it physically. On his initiative, Wyatt first rolls Intelligence + Expression + Dominate - Gary's Strength contested as normal by Gary's Resolve + Blood Potency. If Wyatt doesn't stop Gary, Gary will then roll Strength + Brawl - Wyatt's Strength rather than contested against Wyatt's Strength + Brawl.

Combat actions taken via the Damage maneuver of a grapple must specifically refer to grappling in the book text, or in the case of some Hurt Locker merits, have 'Grappling' listed as a style tag. For example, Close Quarters Combat: Armored Coffin (•••) or Trunk Squeeze (••) would count as viable grappling maneuvers. Boxing or Martial Arts would not.

Establishing a Grapple

The Strength + Brawl - Defense roll to establish a grapple does not count as a grappling move in and of itself - effects that augment a grapple do not yet apply.

Exceptional Success

This allows you to take two grapple maneuvers as one action, and cannot be used to act, break free, and act a third time.


This Maneuver does not function on Vampires or other unbreathing opponents, though it may prevent them from speaking.


Stats for animals on grid should be drawn from the Wild at Heart resource made available here by Onyx Path. Direct link to the gdoc posted by OP; THIS IS NOT OURS, DO NOT EDIT!!!

Closed Book

Staff oversight is not required for all uses of this merit to contest supernatural powers. If there is question on either side, open a +request. This only applies to social maneuvering tactics which would reveal one's true feelings, motives and position, as per the book.

Dice Rules

The 8-again, 9-again, 10-again, and No-Reroll, and Weak modifiers exist on a spectrum from most beneficial to most harmful. If a situation has multiple modifiers, start at 10-again and apply beneficial modifiers, then harmful modifiers to determine how to roll the dice. Should a character have the same modifier from two sources, move to the next most beneficial or harmful modifier.

Hobbyist Clique

As this Merit has the Prerequisite of 'membership in a clique,' wherein all members have both this Merit and the chosen Skill at ••+, we're going to treat this in the same manner we handle other IC groups (Packs, Coteries, etc). There must be a minimum of three PCs on grid in the 'clique' for this Merit to be viable.

The benefits (specifically, 9-again) do not stack with the bonuses gained from Professional Training.

This Merit only applies to non-combat actions in which you have direct support from at least one other member of the 'clique,' where multiple people can make a meaningful collaborative effort. The easiest way to obtain this support is via physical presence in the scene, but where it makes sense, phone or online support could also be considered sufficient.

The benefits cannot be applied to any activation of supernatural powers (Gifts, Disciplines, Supernatural merits, etc). This is in line with the previously established House Rule for Professional Training.


Peacemaker, at the 3-dot level, allows for an individual to affect opponents suffering supernaturally inspired anger, including vampires in frenzy or werewolves in Death Rage. However, as stated in the book, this is a very difficult endeavor. As such, there are limits as to how much impact Peacemaker can have on these supernatural creatures.

Peacemaker will not work against a werewolf in Gauru form (including werewolves who have entered Basu-Im), nor will it impact a vampire in normal frenzy. In these instances, the target is simply too far gone.

Against a frenzied vampire who is Riding the Wave or a werewolf in Wasu-Im, however, there's still a chance to 'talk them down' before they lose themselves completely. As stated in Hurt Locker, these opponents have an additional number of Doors equal to their Supernatural Tolerance traits. In addition, the roll suffers a penalty equal to their Supernatural Tolerance trait - Primal Urge for werewolves, and Blood Potency for vampires.

Professional Training

Professional Training relates only to mundane professions. It is not a supernatural merit, and cannot be taken in supernatural "professions".
The bonuses from Professional Training (9-again, rote, etc) cannot be applied to any activation of supernatural powers (Gifts, Disciplines, Supernatural merits, etc).
The specialties gained from Professional training must be mundane in nature (no Power-related specialties, nothing form related, etc).
PT 5 cannot give Rote to combat actions.


General Rules for how Retainers are handled can be found here: Retainer Rules

Social Maneuvering and PCs

The Social Maneuvering Systems (GMC 188-194) are fully approved and authorized for use on other player characters. If there is ever a dispute, the initiator shall open a +request to staff, and the system will be adjudicated. As per the book, the target is free to suggest an alternative.

Specs and AoE

xxxxx The max you can get from these two, combined, is +4. Be it 4 specs (if you have 4 and the ST agrees they work), 3 specs (if they work) and an Area of Expertise in one of the specs, or 2 specs and 2 AoE, or whatever combination your overly creative brain and dream up.

Stacking Actions

  • If nobody can explain how the actions would stack in the story, it doesn't work. The player needs to describe an action that brings them together in a way that makes sense to the Storyteller. The Storyteller has final say on what does and doesn't stack in a viable fashion in their scene.
  • The required equipment or other circumstances for all actions used must be present.
  • You can't stack actions that penalize one of your character's traits more than once, require you to spend something that cannot be spent more than once per turn (i.e. Willpower) or impose the same disadvantage more than once. Abilities that allow you to retain your Defense do not supersede this rule - you will retain your Defense for use in lessening or negating the damage you take from your opponent on their turn, but it does not allow you to ignore the stacking policy on your own turn.
  • You can't stack actions that use different dice pools, unless changing the dice pool is a benefit the Merit specifically confers. For example, you can use Fighting Finesse with actions that require Strength + Weaponry, and they'll use Dexterity + Weaponry instead, but you can't combine a Merit that uses Weaponry with one that uses Brawl.
  • When stacked actions provide the same benefit, the higher of the two apply. In other words, if one maneuver grants +2 bonus dice, and the second grants +1 bonus die, the character is allowed to roll +2 bonus dice. Not +3. All disadvantages apply (though remember that you can't stack actions that impose the same disadvantage twice). When two actions provide the same benefit by different means, they do stack, so for example, the Rote benefit would stack with bonus dice.

Supernatural Merits

There are currently no restrictions on the learning of supernatural merits beyond those listed in the text, namely:

  • Only Mortal characters may take supernatural merits (no supers, no ghouls, no wolfblooded).
  • You have to buy the lowest level of the merit first, and can only raise it to the next level of the merit after 28 days.

If you go through a becoming on grid to take another template (werewolf, vampire, ghoul, wolfblooded), you will lose all supernatural merits you currently have, and will be refunded the merit points to re-allocate to new merits as you choose under sanctity of merits.

Supernatural House Rules