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Starting Equipment

xxxxxStarting equipment is defined as equipment one begins play with. As such, we impose a two week time limit on the requesting of starting equipment from the date of character approval.

Basic Equipment Rules


What can be obtained legally

• Single shot or semiautomatic handguns
• Single shot or semiautomatic rifles and shotguns
• All melee weapons

What can be obtained with a special permit

This requires both a relatively clean criminal record, and enough resources to maintain the permit fee year to year
• Assault/Automatic rifles (Not shotguns or pistols)
• Civilian/Industrial explosives (TNT, nitroglycerine, etc)

What will always be illegal for PCs to own

• Fully automatic Shotguns or pistols
• Grenades, military grade explosives (Posse comitatus)
• Heavy weapons (Posse comitatus)

What will not be allowed on game, at all

• Weaponized/Military unmanned vehicles
• Nuclear or weaponized biological/chemical material (Except in the case of approved plot devices)
• Artillery
• Power Armor

Gray area

Technically illegal but not usually enforced, or illegal only in certain use cases.
• Attached Silencers/Suppressors
• Barrel/Stock chopping
• Ammunition modifications
• Most Body Armor can be acquired if one has sufficient resources. Though they may be illegal to own and wear in public, even the heavier riot gear type armor can be obtained piecemeal.


Obtaining items illegally requires certain connections. Specifically, a PC will require a minimum level in Status or Allies in the following traits. Influence may also be used, but the requirement is increased by one dot. Please note, the PC must also have the Resource allotment to purchase the item in addition to what is listed below
• Semiautomatic weapons. (No requirement, though some Streetwise would be appropriate)
• Automatic/Assault rifles (Street Crime 1 or Organized Crime 1)
• Automatic Shotguns, Handguns (Street Crime 2 or Organized Crime 1)
• Civilian grade explosives (Street Crime 2 or Organized Crime 1)
• Heavy weapons machine guns, etc. Nonexplosive. (Street Crime 3 or Organized Crime 2)
• Military grade explosives, grenades. (Organized Crime 3)
• Heavy weapons, powered explosive Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, etc. (Organized Crime 4)
• Supernatural equipment always requires justification and Staff approval.

How to Obtain

In all cases, the PC must make the Resource requirement to purchase an item themselves, even if they are using someone else's connections to acquire it.
• The PC has the stats required to obtain the item.
• The PC knows another PC with the required stats who is willing to use their connections to obtain it. This must be noted when the Equipment is requested
• The PC has a noted Retainer with the indicated stats. This must be noted when the Equipment is requested.

Crafting Rules

xxxxx The basic crafting rules we use can be found here. Please refer to this page for all crafting questions, or drop in a +request to Dragon.

Reno's Available Equipment

xxxxx Primarily we use equipment and services from the GMC book. Our vehicles come from the Armory. Some is even custom created for use on Reno.


Archaic Leather
Flak Jacket
Full Riot Gear
Kevlar Vest
Reinforced Clothing


None at this time


Light Bow
Heavy Bow
Note: All bows come with 30 quiver arrow. There are no specialty arrows in the system.

Melee Weapons

Brass Knuckles
Fire Ax
Long Sword
Pole Arm
Short Sword
Steel-Toed Boots (this operate with the same rules as brass knuckles)
Tire Iron
Two Hander

Mental Equipment

Advanced Automotive Tools
Advanced Digital Recorder
Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced Personal Computer
Advanced Smartphone
Advanced Survival Gear
Advanced Tools
Basic Automotive Tools
Basic Digital Recorder
Basic First Aid Kit
Basic Personal Computer
Basic Smartphone
Basic Survival Gear
Basic Tools
Code Kit
Communications Headset
Cracking Software
Crime Scene Kit
Duct Tape
Expert Personal Computer
GPS Tracker
Intermediate Personal Computer
Keylogging Software
Special Effects
Surveillance Equipment
Talcum Powder
Ultraviolet Ink

Other Equipment


Physical Equipment

Battering Ram
Bear Trap
Camoflage Clothing
Climbing Gear
Digital Lockpicking Kit
Firearm Suppressor
Gas Mask
Hand-held Stun Gun
Lockpicking Kit
Night Vision Goggles
Portable Lockpicking Kit
Ranged Stun Gun

Ranged Weapons

Assault Rifle
Bows: See Above
Heavy Pistol
Heavy Revolver
Large Smg
Light Pistol
Light Revolver
Small Smg


  • List of Services and who can provide them.


  • Large Shield
  • Small Shield

Social Equipment

  • Advanced Disguise
  • Advanced Fashion
  • Basic Disguise
  • Basic Fashion
  • Cash
    • Cash 1
    • Cash 2
    • Cash 3
    • Cash 4
    • Cash 5
  • Contraband
    • Contraband 1
    • Contraband 2
    • Contraband 3
    • Contraband 4
    • Contraband 5
  • Housing
    • Housing 1
    • Housing 2
    • Housing 3
    • Housing 4
    • Housing 5
  • Intermediate Disguise
  • Intermediate Fashion
  • Makeup Kit
  • Polygraph Machine

Supernatural Equipment

  • Electromagnetic Field Detector
  • Energy Meter
  • Flash Cotton / Paper
  • Grave Dirt
  • Incense
  • Kirilian Camera
  • Protective Amulet


  • Cars
    • Compact Car
    • Full-sized Car
    • Mid-sized Car
    • Muscle Car
    • Performance Mid-size
    • Sports Car
    • Sports Compact
    • Subcompact Car
  • Motorcycles
    • Cruiser
    • Dirt Bike
    • Scooter
    • Sidecar
    • Sports Bike
    • Street Bike
  • Non-Motorized
    • Bicycle
    • Mountain Bike
    • Skateboard
  • Other
    • Bus
    • Semi Rig
  • Police
    • Police Car
  • Trucks
    • Heavy Pickup
    • Jeep
    • Light Pickup
    • Off-road Suv
    • Performance Suv
  • Vans
    • Full-size Van
    • Minivan
  • Watercraft
    • Personal Watercraft
    • Racing Boat
    • Yacht