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New Player Resources

Character Creation: CG rules and character wiki templates.

Mortal Templates: Some of our nifty Minor Templates from Hurt Locker!

Game Theme: A brief primer on Reno's theme.

Our Grid: The lay of the land.

Our Build Policy: Help expand and improve Reno!

Influence Spheres: Who do you represent?

Mortal CG Incentives

Staff is currently considering Mortal incentives. Check back here later!

Spheres of Influence
City Hall
Street Crime
High Society
Organized Crime
Reno Live
No one!?

Welcome to Reno

xxxxxFor every vampire, werewolf, or hunter that stalks the streets of Reno, there are thousands of normal people with no supernatural knowledge or ability. Nearly all of them are blissfully unaware of the predators and monsters that lurk within their communities. But these creatures need mortals. It's mortals, after all, who keep the world running, who build and maintain society, who provide a necessary link to the last vestiges of humanity that some of the world's monsters struggle to maintain.

xxxxxSome mortals live their lives in ignorance. They never peer past the veil into the madness behind the World of Darkness's facade of normality. Maybe you're one of them. Others can't help but get drawn into worlds that are less than human. Some are simply normal people who stumble upon the wrong truths and learn things they shouldn't. Others are drawn forcefully into the darkness by the creatures that live there. There are even a select few who, though some mysterious process, possess minor supernatural abilities of their own.

xxxxxThere are myriad possibilities for mortal characters, from every type of mundane human imaginable, to those who have one foot in the world of the supernatural.

Why a Mortal?

xxxxxMortal characters are a great way for players inexperienced with the World of Darkness to get their feet wet. They don't require a detailed knowledge of World of Darkness rules to get through chargen, as their skillsets are often very similar to that of a person from the real world. And while they might be relatively lacking in combat ability or supernatural power compared to other spheres, these characters do not necessarily have to be powerless or bit characters. You're as free to play a successful businessman or renowned socialite as you are to play a street punk or career criminal. Our influence system offers you a chance to be part of almost any occupation or social group you can think of.

xxxxxEven veteran players can get something out of mortal characters, through the wide variety of potential concepts. Mortals can be lighter characters, those unaware of the darkness around them. Or they can be darker characters, those trapped in the darkness without the power to fight it. If one already has a supernatural character, mortals also potentially make great alts.

Background Questions
  • What has your life been like?
  • Have you ever committed a crime? If so what?
  • What's the worst thing you've ever done (if not a crime listed above)?
  • Have you encountered the supernatural before?
  • What are your goals for the future?
Wanted Concepts
  • Business Owners: Help expand the grid and provide flavor and social hotspots for the world.
  • Touchstones: Be the beacon of light that keeps the world's monsters from drifting too far into the darkness.
  • Potential Ghouls: If the Vampire sphere intrigues you, mortals can transition into ghouls, the servants or companions of the Kindred, through roleplay.
  • Or type "+bbread 6" when connected to the game to see concept requests from other players!