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When creating a character on Shadows Over Reno, please keep in mind that this is a persistent game shared by other players. Concepts that may work fine in a standard tabletop setting may not work as well in an online environment. That said, here are the steps you need to follow to create a character on Shadows Over Reno!

Character Creation Guidelines

xxxxxAll characters on Shadows Over Reno start play with 35 Experiences. Additional 5 Experiences can be earned through the completion of a Background for your character, as detailed in the individual Sphere pages. For particular information on a Sphere, visit the links below.

Template Selection

xxxxxxxxxxMortal: The brave folk of Reno, the backbone of the city.
xxxxxxxxxxGhoul: Those who cannot stop, the ones claimed by the night.
xxxxxxxxxxHunter: The Vigil, those who stand against the darkness.
xxxxxxxxxxVampire The Damned, immortals who consume the living.
xxxxxxxxxxWolfblooded The adopted children of Moon and Wolf.
xxxxxxxxxxWerewolf: The Forsaken, primordial half-spirit half-flesh predators.


xxxxxChose one Long Term aspiration, and two Short Term aspirations for your character. Long Term Aspirations are things you will not be expected to accomplish fast or easily. Short Term Aspirations are things a character could take as fast as one scene to accomplish! PLEASE USE THE ASPIRATION SYSTEM TO SEND THESE TO STAFF (+HELP ASP). These do NOT go into the job. Thank you!

Virtue and Vice

xxxxxAll Mortal/Mortal+, Ghouls, Hunters and Wolf-blooded characters have a Virtue and a Vice (see God-Machine Chronicles, p. 152).

xxxxxVampire characters do NOT use this system. Instead they have a Mask and a Dirge (see Blood & Smoke, p. 84).

xxxxxWerewolf characters do NOT use this system. Instead they have a Blood and a Bone (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 85).

Breaking Points (Integrity-based Templates Oly)

xxxxxMortal characters with Integrity (Humans, Ghouls, Hunters and Wolfblooded) all follow the same, basic Breaking Points. These can be seen HERE! Those details should go into a +note on yourself that you set.

Touchstones (Supers only)

xxxxxVampires and Werewolves have Touchstones. Vampires pick one (see Blood & Smoke, p. 87) while Werewolves pick two, one for Flesh and another for Spirit (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 87). Please tell us about your Touchstone(s) and how they connect your character to the mortal world in a +note on yourself.

Finishing Touches

xxxxxDo not forget to spend your Experiences! Do so through the +xp/spend command once we approve your base +sheet. We won't approve your base +sheet until your notes and things are set.

Wiki Page

xxxxxTo request a Wiki account send a +request to staff with the desired Username and an email! It's that simple!