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How To Use This

What Is This?

xxxxxThis is a compendium of some of Reno's most fearsome breeds of monsters, as the Vigil sees them. Many of them have their own culture (as wicked as it may be) and understand the world by a different prism as mortals, while others are as mindless as you would expect. Hunters should exercise caution not to be surprised by one kind when expecting the other.

So This Is a Monster Manual?

xxxxxIt is, and it isn't. This is made to provide ideas for people who want to face monsters without thinking too much. However, it is more than that. Each of the breeds here are more than meets the eye, and after three PrPs with a particular breed and when achieving Status 3 players can +request staff for more information on them, and where do they come from, and for another, more dangerous encounter that brings them closer to the truth behind that kind of creature.

Monster Making!

xxxxxYes, sharing YOUR breeds of monster with staff and getting them approved to be posted here DOES earn you some rewards!

Shared Knowledge

xxxxxEach monster breed has a 'Shard Knowledge' section. Posting there about your IC encounters with that breed earns your character a Beat!

Church of Light


Where you gonna go, where you gonna run, where you gonna hide? Nowhere... 'cause there's no one like you left, anymore...

xxxxxDid you hear about Carol? She used to be a real troublemaker, that one, but John and Sara said they took her to that new church by Sparks, and now she is swell and nice. Smart kid, too! You should bring Kevin, they even gave you a pamphlet!

xxxxxWoah, you were NOT expecting that at all! That Tommy Crews run-of-the-mill actor has really made it! He learned how to act, shows up on all the late night shows, has just married to that smoking model... everything seem to be going RIGHT for him right now, and he keeps giving this Church of Light the credit for his turn-around! Maybe this could really help your career aswell...

xxxxxMost of the big religions were too much about shame for you. The Church of Light, on the other hand, was not. It was about acceptance and understanding. It felt right, you know, and now you are going through your Second Step! You don't know know what that is, but everyone seems really excited about it! You can't wait for tomorrow to come.

Vibe & Theme

xxxxxConspiracy, paranoia and cult behavior. The Church of Light is for players who enjoy facing threats that require finesse and fine research, investigation and insight, more than it would require bullets or hellfire. Sure, a powerful Hunter could easily torch someone who has been 'brought into' the Church of Light, but that leaves behind a charred husk of a mortal that someone will have to answer for. What are they, how do they work? They seem to be everywhere, from the local news anchor who will severely reprimand these 'psycho-vigilant behavior' to the little girl down the street who will call a number on her cellphone when a strange car passes by.

xxxxxYou can't trust anyone. You can't kill them.

xxxxxBut you cannot ignore it either.


xxxxxInvasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Body Snatchers (1993), The Faculty (1998).


A Smile You Can Trust

xxxxxIntelligence •••, Wits ••, Resolve •••••

xxxxxPresence ••, Manipulation ••••, Composure •••••

xxxxxStrength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••

xxxxxVarious Skills at 2 and 3. May not take Computer.

xxxxxVarious Skills at 2 and 3. May not take Firearms.

xxxxxVarious Skills at 3 and 4. May not take Animal Ken.

xxxxxMerits: Common Sense •••, Danger Sense ••, Direction Sense •, Eidetic Memory ••, Good Time Management ••, Indomitable ••, Patient •, Tolerance for Biology ••, Hardy •••, Multiple Allies (Varies) 1~4, Contacts (Church Goers), Fixer ••, Iron Will ••, Fast-Talking •••••, Pusher •.

xxxxxDread Powers: Damnation ••, Gremlinize •, Hypnotism •, Lurker in Darkness •

xxxxxShadow Potency: ••

Shared Knowledge


xxxxxExample: “lol these Jay Leno-looking weirdos can bite your whole arm off!” - McOwnage, Network Zero.

Cook Family


Three blind mice,

Three blind mice,

See how they run,

See how they run!

xxxxxDid you ever notice that old, dusty exit just a few miles after the abandoned Shell station? The one you were told by someone by the road was a shortcut? Yeah. Some shortcuts are not worth taking, after all.

xxxxxThe flip-side? You are welcome to join the Cooks at the dinner table, as many have been ever since the small town of Cottonmouth was erased from the maps around the region. Some people still remember it as a place of sin and perversion, but the place has been mostly forgotten by the general populace. And yet the Cooks thrive.

xxxxxOnce and then again royalty of their town, the Cook family was known to dwell in all kind of endeavor that would keep them in power. That led to a weird notion of keeping their blood pure, and soon the wrong kinds of eyes were drawn to them.

Vibe & Theme

xxxxxThe Cook family is an 'as large as it needs to be' concentration of extremely cunning, deformed hunters of men. The normal-looking members of the family can go anywhere, but the mutants and freaks need to stay behind, waiting for unwitting drivers to be misled right into their waiting maws. Facing this family should be about meeting a dangerous predator in their home turf, where they have the advantages, or being in the sights of one of their most powerful mutants, a creature that hunts people with malice no human can match.


xxxxxDeliverance (1972), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1987), The Hills Have Eyes (2006), Wrong turn (2003) or Predator (1984).


Middle of the Pack

xxxxxUndertaking: Freaks (Slasher, p. 114)

xxxxxIntelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve ••

xxxxxPresence ••, Manipulation •, Composure ••

xxxxxStrength ••• to •••••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••••

xxxxxCrafts ••• (Cooking, Traps), Medicine •, Occult •

xxxxxAthletics •••, Brawl ••• (Biting, Grappling), Larceny •••, Stealth ••• (Desert), Survival ••• (Traps, Tracking), Weaponry •••

xxxxxAnimal Ken ••, Intimidation •• (Screaming), Subterfuge •

xxxxxMerits: Damnable Certainty ••••, Murder Expert •••, Fighting Style: Frenzied Assault ••-••••, Fleet of Foot ••, Hardy ••

xxxxxTactics: Beat-Down, Good Old Fashioned (Slasher, p.131), Disappear (Hunter the Vigil, p. 221), No Escape (Slasher, p. 147), Pack of Bloodhounds (Slasher, p. 148), Revel in the Kill (Slasher, p. 150)

xxxxxBody Modifications: Filed Teeth •, Claws • (Slasher, p. 153-154)

Manhunting Loner

xxxxxUndertaking: Mask (Slasher, p. 103)

xxxxxIntelligence •, Wits •••••, Resolve ••••

xxxxxPresence ••••, Manipulation •, Composure •••

xxxxxStrength •••••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••••

xxxxxCrafts ••• (Traps), Medicine ••, Occult ••

xxxxxAthletics •••, Brawl •••• (Biting), Stealth •••• (City), Survival ••• (Traps, Tracking), Weaponry •••• (His Weapon, Called Shots)

xxxxxIntimidation •••• (Staring)

xxxxxMerits: Atavism •, Damnable Certainty •••, Murder Expert •••••, Fighting Style: Frenzied Assault ••-••••, Weapon Monomaniac ••

xxxxxBody Modifications: Extreme Scarification ••, Filed Teeth •••, Claws ••• (Slasher, p. 153-154)

Shared Knowledge


xxxxxExample: “lol these Jay Leno-looking weirdos can bite your whole arm off!” - McOwnage, Network Zero.

The Women From Here


Jagged needle, wicked lies

From under the skin, pluck evil eyes

Destiny change from pain and cold

Now that you pay in blood and soul

xxxxxThere is a girl looking at you. She has been doing so the whole night... and she is totally into you. Right? Right. Time to make a move.

xxxxxThis indie documentary about the virgin woods around Tahoe seemed like a great idea. You couldn't believe NOBODY had ever been here before! This was going to be your way out of mom's basement... and then it all started. The strange noises... the strangled rabbits... the nightmares that made you not want to sleep again. And that was three days ago. Or was it? And why doesn't this forest EVER end!?

xxxxxYou were never a blabbermouth. Nope. You get home from work, go out to jog, and then you are back home. One night, though, a limo was parked right by the road, and you could have sworn you saw Jared Wendig, local celebrity, walk out of it with a young girl. Jared had a daughter?! You didn't know. And apparently you couldn't know, because now you are here, in the middle of the woods, as afraid as the little girl, as he paints some trees with... is that blood?

Vibe & Theme

xxxxxThe Witches can be everywhere, an open secret in certain circles. A couple that wants a child but cannot conceive, the young politician who needs a rival risked off the map? They take a trip to the most desolate woods in Reno and paint a broken sign post or old wagon with the blood of a pig.

xxxxxThey are the cat outside a young prodigy's window, and they are the magic pregnancy that gets a woman sick the second she gets into a Church. The Women From Here are part of Reno, and although most mortals will never see them, they watch them. When anyone steps in too close without knowing the proper rituals?

xxxxxThe woods become their graves.

xxxxxDo you want a horror experience? Do you you feel ready to face old, old horrors that the region itself moves to hide? The Women From Here might be a good antagonist.


xxxxxBlair Witch Project (1999)


Human-looking Seductress

xxxxxIntelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve •••

xxxxxPresence ••, Manipulation ••••, Composure •••

xxxxxStrength • Dexterity ••, Stamina ••

xxxxxMedicine •• (Herbal Medicine), Occult ••• (Witches, Charms)

xxxxxAthletics •, Larceny •, Stealth ••, Survival •••

xxxxxAnimal Ken •, Empathy •, Expression ••, Intimidation •, Persuasion ••• (Seduction), Socialize •••, Subterfuge ••

xxxxxMerits: Merits: Barfly ••, Holistic Awareness •, Mystery Cult Initiation •, Striking Looks (Magnetic) ••, Sympathetic ••

xxxxxDread Powers: Confuse •, Damnation •, Gremlinize ••, Hypnotism ••, Shadow Harvest •

xxxxxBans: Unknown

xxxxxShadow Potency: ••

Grotesque Pact-Maker

xxxxxIntelligence ••, Wits ••••, Resolve ••••

xxxxxPresence •••, Manipulation ••••, Composure ••

xxxxxStrength ••• Dexterity ••••, Stamina ••••

xxxxxMedicine ••••, Occult •••••

xxxxxAthletics ••••, Brawl ••••, Larceny •, Stealth ••••, Survival ••••

xxxxxAnimal Ken •••, Expression •, Intimidation ••••

xxxxxMerits: Close Quarters Combat •• to ••••, Double-jointed ••, Danger Sense ••, Fast Reflexes •••, Indomitable ••, Giant •••, Mystery Cult Initiation •••, Striking Looks (Terrifying) ••, Trained Observer •••

xxxxxDread Powers: Confuse ••, Damnation ••, Dead Flesh ••••, Dread Attack (Bite) •••, Fury ••, Giant Size ••••, Gremlinize ••••, Judgement of Guilt •••, Lurker in Darkness •••, Shadow Harvest •, Unholy Attribute (Srength) •••

xxxxxBans: Cannot stand bright lights. Under illumination bright enough to light a city street the Grotesque Pact-Maker is at a -4 in all her actions.

xxxxxShadow Potency: ••••

Shared Knowledge


xxxxxExample: “lol these Jay Leno-looking weirdos can bite your whole arm off!” - McOwnage, Network Zero.